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Group gift & new releases!


Hi all dears!

I present the latest news and my first hand-drawn eyes, of which I feel so proud, I decided to to give them away this March.

Hope you like it.


Love, Babs Draconia.

Here are the Safo eyes, handrawed and made in natural colors.. Ok, maybe violet aren’t natural except in Bette Davis!

You can get it as a group gift in store during march.

Wear glasses can be fun at the same time modern and glamorous without loosing that intelectual touch. Altair glasses, have a menu for changing the color of the frames and the glass, if it is very sunny out there.

Avaliable in store & marketplace.

I am absolutely in love with these shoes. Made of suede, with fully cross back and closing rope the same way. I love them!

You can get it in 4 colours separated, red, black, brown and camel or the fat pack with HUD to change textures.

Avaliable in store & marketplace.