After months of inactivity I think the stage D’Sastre has come to an end.
A lot has happened since that I embarked this adventure and as they say, you have to renew or die.
I decide to renew.
Change of name and image.

The illusion, the quality and the desire to do things right, do not change.
Continue letting my imagination and creating things for you in the new label “The Beautiful Ones.”

Meanwhile, enjoy the last days of the sales of D’Sastre until July 31.
Perhaps you find the store a little riot, but it’s all “under construction”

Btw, after the final sale, D’Sastre Clothing Group will be deleted, if you wanna stay tuned with this new project, you can join the .:TBO:. group here.

Again, like many others, thanks for your patience and understanding.

This is not a good bye, is a see you later 😉

♥Babs Draconia.


Acerca de babsdraconia

I am a fan of fashion since i was a girl, playing to make dresses to my dolls. When I came into SL and I knew I could to design my own fashion, I set to work to learn what was necessary to start. One day someone said, “And why not sell your clothes?” and since I’m here, doing what i love most. For me. For you, beautiful. ♥ Babs Draconia.


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