Archivos Mensuales: abril 2012

Things happens..


Recently, D’Sastre road was enlarged and grew thanks to the collaboration of Lamia and their contribution with textures and things for home.
But life happens and RL commands. That is why, so that, for now (until who knows when) D’Sastre returns to “shrink” and part of Lamia is on standby.
This implies, of course, a move.
I am looking for a small and nice place to install me. For now, I do not know where be installing the new store.
I will keep you informed, via blog and through the group.
Again, thanks for your patience and understanding.


Babs Draconia.



Hi all dears!

With spring are always new things and renewed. This is how I make my entrance at the event Perfect Wardrobe. The theme of this round is springtime so I created this dress in exclusive color for all of you, full of “pop” flowers.


♥ Babs Draconia

Taxi to PW