Hi all!
First we want to wish you a happy new year.

After all these days working madly at the new store, at last, on next January 15th officially will reopen D’Sastre although of course, you can visit us from now on.

We are happy and proud of the work we have done and to celebrate, there will be some surprise gifts and more.

Thank you very much to all for your patience, understanding and support.
♥ Babs & Lamia.


Hola a todas!
Ante todo, queremos desearos un feliz año nuevo.

Después de todos estos dias trabajando como locas en la nueva tienda, por fin, el próximo 15 de enero reabriremos D’Sastre oficialmente, aunque por supuesto, podéis visitarnos desde ya.

Estamos felices y orgullosas del trabajo que hemos realizado y para celebrarlo, habrá regalos y alguna sorpresa más.

Muchas gracias a todas por vuestra paciencia, comprensión y apoyo.
♥ Babs & Lamia.


Acerca de babsdraconia

I am a fan of fashion since i was a girl, playing to make dresses to my dolls. When I came into SL and I knew I could to design my own fashion, I set to work to learn what was necessary to start. One day someone said, “And why not sell your clothes?” and since I’m here, doing what i love most. For me. For you, beautiful. ♥ Babs Draconia.

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