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Lamia Dress

Lamia Dress by Babs Draconia
Lamia Dress, a photo by Babs Draconia on Flickr.

Lamia Dress @ XYROOM.
Avaliable from december 1st.

Touch of spring…


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As we approach the depths of winter, the first of our textures that we present, spring days ahead to come.

You can find this set at:

D’Sastre is growing!


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Sometimes fate makes you meet people who share your concerns and help you grow creatively.
This is what has happened with Lamia, and together we decided to grow D’Sastre with two new sections; D’Sastre Textures and D’Sastre  Home.

In D’Sastre Textures you will find handmade textures in high resolution and a wide range of colors so you can color, texture and decorate your life … but all that is already seen. The important point is that they are made ​​with love and lots of imagination.

In D’Sastre Home we are creating homes, furniture and decoration, to make your home not just a place to stay, but a place to share and enjoy.

In D’Sastre, whether in clothes, houses, furniture and textures we create everything prepared for you from the heart.

These two new sections, you will find in the same location as the mainstore of clothes (remember, the land is adult) and soon will be available the new creations.
With love,
Babs & Lamia.