Me parecía que no iba a llegar nunca, pero por fin D’Sastre Clothing abre sus puertas.
Para celebrarlo, como regalito de grupo, os mando un pack de jeans unisex (para que los chicos no os quejéis :P).

Muchas gracias a todos los que ya formáis parte de este proyecto por vuestro apoyo.
Y muchas más gracias a los cercanos por aguantar peticiones a deshoras, nervios y putaditas varias…

Lo dicho;

It seems like it was never going to come, but finally D’Sastre Clothing opens his doors.
To celebrate it, I send you a packaging of unisex jeans (boys, i don’t forget you :P).

Thank you very much to all that already you form a part of this project for your support.
And many more thanks to the most nearby friends for support requests to untimely moments, nerves and inconveniences…

As I said before;

Acerca de Babs Draconia

I am a fan of fashion since i was a girl, playing to make dresses to my dolls. When I came into SL and I knew I could to design my own fashion, I set to work to learn what was necessary to start. One day someone said, “And why not sell your clothes?” and since I’m here, doing what i love most. For me. For you, beautiful. ♥ Babs Draconia.


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